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The main objective of Canvasalus is to research the new varieties of cannabis light in the most varied areas: to do this, every day analyzes the cannabinoids and terpenes of the varieties under study, discovering new and unique lines.

Not only cbd

Il Cannabigerol (CBG)

Over the past year, we have focused our efforts on finding a variety that would ensure an high CBG content, the new cannabinoid that will most likely become the trend of 2021. Our research has led us to create an unpublished strain of hemp, which we named Gerola.

This variety is able to accumulate up to 8% CBG in the flower, keeping the THC below 0.2%.

Our current production is focused on this variety, having the possibility to supply it in batches of at least 1000 cuttings.

the proportion

the relationship CBD - THC

Over the years, we have developed new and unprecedented traditional light cannabis strains, with high CBD and low THC.

CBD and THC coexist in the cannabis plant according to a specific proportion: generally the values oscillate between 25:1 and 30:1.

It means that a plant with 1% THC may contain between 25% or 30% CBD.

For more information visit the  manual of UNODC (ST-NAR-40-Ebook).

To comply with Law 242/2016, it is necessary not to exceed 0.6% (maximum limit of THC that an industrial hemp crop can reach), so the maximum concentration of CBD that the variety can reach is around 15% – 18% .

Gerona joins the phylos' catalog of varieties!

Our strains

STRAIN for every taste


Variety intended for biomass production by extraction of the minor cannabinoid CBDV.

Plant with spaced internodes, open flower and little aromatic.

vigora 🍋

Very vigorous variety, high plant and very developed foliar apparatus.

Aroma and citrus flavor.


Compact variety of predominantly Indica characteristics.

Very dense flowers, full and well scented, fruity aroma at times sweet intense and enveloping.


The earliest variety in the catalogue: derived from Finola, but not autoflowering.

Medium flowers with a delicate but characteristic aroma, always with herbaceous and tonic tones.


Variety with medium-sized plants, very fragrant flower and sweet similar to cane sugar.

Slightly fruity aromas. Excellent strain suitable for light cannabis production.


Very productive variety, beautiful and compact flowers.

Typically the variety gives record productions in terms of weight of flowers, but with average characteristics not very exciting.

Aroma tending to the taste of earth and not susceptible to frequent diseases of hemp. It regularly respects the values of THC.


Among the most common varieties for the production of inflorescences, with contents
of terpenes and excellent resin.

Record cannabinoid concentration values when grown in the most appropriate ways.

👃 Spicy aroma, very intense and fruity.

Numerous flowers and well compact suitable for mechanical processing.



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Uncommon variety due to a particularity of the foliar lamina which is very lanceolate and narrow.

A plant pleasing to the eye and intended for ornamental use due to the slow growth and intense colour of the foliage.

Aroma not relevant.


Compact variety, very dense foliage, compact and very fragrant flowers.

Its typical aroma is reminiscent of cheese, combined with that of diesel and lavender. Perfect for the production of light hemp.

Medium cycle with good production of flowers and without pistils with very light color 


Plant intended mainly for the nursery sector for its very pleasant appearance because it is colored with shades that start from yellow, going from orange, to ripening to violet and blue.

Low temperatures trigger this phenomenon. Medium size and open flower and not suitable for direct consumption.
Intense and fruity aroma with hints of fermented.


Variety distinguished by its chemical profile with prevailing content of cannabigerol (CBG).

The variety is mainly intended for the production of extraction biomass. Delicate bouquet, open and small flower.


Very productive variety of flowers with relevant and compact dimensions.
The heaviness and the number of flowers is such as to require adequate support of the branches with nets or tying to avoid damage.

Earthy and light aroma. Late cycle.


Variety that stands out for its bushy and dense shape with limited development and abundant production of flowers.

Its aroma is particular, you have to try it to understand how many scents the mind brings.


Plant difficult to reproduce, but rewards with a quality and characteristic of the small, compact and dense flower, but aromatic, very pleasant and rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

It is not easily attacked by common parasites and has a medium late cycle.


The variety is particularly suitable for the production of consumer flowers
and is distinguished by a purple tint of the edge of the leaves, more
intense towards October-November, when the temperatures at night
they begin to subside.

A very pleasant and unique aroma is added to the original color


Plant exclusively intended for the nursery market as an ornamental plant (with limited CBD content). Its appearance is original: Takes the form of a regular sphere with much internodes shortened and a narrow, lanceolate leaf.

Beautiful to put on the balcony and compose green spots in the garden.


Derived from the most important family of our collection called Enectalia. The progenitor is protected by the Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) and stands out for having an open flower and purple pistils, keeping the fruity note that characterizes the descent from the progenitor.

Hints of fruit and pine.


The only variety on the world market that does not fall within the standards of the 309/90 because it does not produce any cannabinoid and for this it is not cultivation prohibited. Productive plant with a very small flower, but with an exclusive scent, due to the prevalent presence of a single highly appreciated aromatic terpene.

The plant is not available for sale, but its biomass or the flower from which totally legal and distributable without problems. No herbal tea currently marketed enjoys these properties because it always contains traces of THC, a substance absolutely prohibited in food or allowed in traces of a few parts per million.


Variety of the Enectalia strain, variant with the highest CBD titer,
excellent compact flower with tropical fruit aroma with a
prevalence of mango flavor. One of the latest plants in the catalog
of which feminized seed is also available.

Variety that reaches CBD concentration levels among the highest in the catalog.


Plant decidedly very productive in terms of voluminous flowers,
compact and with abundant plant mass. Powerful, strong with branches
robust and tolerant of most parasites. Delicate aroma and
tending to citrus.


Distinct variety for a small tree shape with high density of flowers and
excellent aroma. Excellent to use as a whole flower and intended to
demanding and experienced lovers. Sweet taste and tending to caramel.


Very vigorous and high variety with very developed leaves. 
Small and characteristic flower to produce predominantly canabidivirin
(CBDV). Neutral aroma of industrial hemp and intended
the production of biomass.


Variety with dense foliar apparatus, bushy and vigorous
excellent. Intense green color and free virus (Hemp cryptic virus and
others). Flower well developed and also suitable for direct consumption, but
its main destination is biomass production.

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