Of hemp dioeceous seeds

Cultivable hemp seeds

In Italy, cannabis light is cultivable (legally) exclusively starting from certified seeds. The seed must be accomanied by a tag with the relative purchase invoice. Only female plants produce flowers that can be sold in compliance with the rules. Hemp flowers must not contain seeds, therefore only female plants  in the the dioecious varieties resigter should be grown. In order to achieve this, we must remove male plants from the cultivation. Feminized seeds are the solution.


Varietá di canapa certificate
List of the registered dioeceous varieties ( by FreeWeed)

The problem

Hemp dioeceous certified seeds are made of male and female seeds. The relationship between them is 50:50, this means in a batch of 10.000 seeds, 5.000 are male. Male seed is not used for cannabis light cultivation because, by pollinating female plants ( the ones who produce the flower of interest), they compromise in an irreversible way the quality of the final product, in addiction to reduce the concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The solution

Canvasalus has developed an exclusive method which allows to recognize the female seed before sowing, this allows you to sow only female seeds, to give rise with a certainty of 99.9% only to female plants. This means having a significant saving of time and money, in addiction to obtain a very high quality production. Moreover, female plants have a greater amount of secondary metabolites than the males one.


WHY Feminize the seed?

Quality Production

The flower produced by female plants will not be pollinated and therefore will be seedless. This allows to obtain a very high quality product, ready to be placed on the market.

No male spotting

Our feminized seed only produce female plants, this allows to avoid the expensive and difficult work necessary for hemp male spotting, otherwise mandatory with the normal dioeceous seeds.


With a small price, you can obtain better flowers to be sold
at an higher price thanks also to the bigger concentration of secondary metabolites, in addition to remove the high costs of the male spotting procedure.


The most frequently asked questions

HOW this works?

Our service allows to feminize the seed provided by the customer, even in big quantities with customized prices. This method is based on an exclusive and secret chemical-physical technique of Canvasalus, allowing us to separate the female seed from the male one with great accuracy before the sow

Is it legal and secure?

Our service is secure and perfectly compliant with the law, since the starting material comes from a certified batch of seed directly bought by the customer. In addition, if more than 5% of male plants are present from the seeds deriving from the feminization process, we guarantee a full refund to the customer.


The timing envisaged for the provision of this service is variable, depending primarily on the variety requested by the customer, and on the availability of it in the company warehouse.If the feminized seeds were already selected and present in our stocks, the service will be provided immediately. Contact us now to request availability of the service .

What about propagation by cuttings?

Although cutting is one of the most popular and convenient technique in the cultivation of hemp, we would like to emphasize that it is currently illegal to grow hemp plants derived from cutting if they are not owned by the company, and used exclusively for internal use. The only perfectly legal way to grow hemp is starting from seed.




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