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A big problem of companies investing in the hemp market nowadays is the high concentration of male plants in the cultivation, which cause a waste of time and space for many growers.
The production of flowers or other parts of hemp with high concentrations of active ingredients is improved by avoiding the formation of the seeds that derive from the fertilization of the female flower with the pollen normally produced by the male hemp plants.
Male spotting involes the remotion of every single male plant from the cultivation, needing substantial workforce with large plantations. Moreover, if not carried out in time and in a perfect manner it could drastically lowers the quality of every female flower , due to the natural impollination of the female plant by the male one.

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The scientific research carrieed out by Canvasalus has allowed to develop a method that make possible to obtain just female hemp plants from the start of the plantation, this allow avoiding invest substantial workforce as well as obatin an economic & temporal advantage.
Canvasalus Research has developed a method that, starting from a batch of seeds of an exclusively dioecious hemp variety, is able to extract only the fraction of female seeds. This allow to make a clear distinction between male and female seeds before the seeding

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Contrary to many of its competitors, Canvasalus offers legal and 100% secure solutions. The company wants to emphasize that there are similar services, which can however put customers' investments at risk . In particular, in Italy it is necessary to have an official card relative to the cultivated variety (not its copies or surrogates!) in addition to the regular purchase invoice for the seed. Who cultivates cannabis not having these two fundamental requisites, has a high probability of incurring criminal law.

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Secret recipe

Canvasalus Research will operate using industrial hemp technical knowledge in continuous technological evolution and the recognition of seeds will be carried out based on the application of advanced scientific research exclusively owned by the aforementioned company.


Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee the success of the conversion. If from the seeds delivered male dioecious plants will develop for more than 1% of the individuals, all the expenses will be reimbursed.



The Company has sources of knowledge and experience that few other companies that deal with hemp can rely on. Internally, Canvasalus Research can rely on one of the largest and most qualified sources and collection of experiences in the phytochemical field.

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