On hemp at 360°

Hemp in 2020

Although recreational cannabis is not legal, hemp has been receiving a lot of attention in recent years, with growing interest from professionals and ordinary people. This success is partly due to the boom of cannabis light which, although with some uncertainty, has helped create thousands of new jobs, and has rekindled a flame of hope in rediscover the multiple uses of this plant.

A stran we call Basilicanapa(BasilHemp)

The research

Although hemp has been used and known for thousands of years, its active ingredients and their mechanisms of action are still not fully understood. For this reason it is essential to continue to research the way in which cannabinoids act and interact with each other (the so-called entourage effect). Canvasalus can count on a wealth of knowledge acquired with experiences started in the 90s; in particular, the phytochemistry and characterization of the active constituents of the plant intended for medicinal, cosmetic and food uses has been carried out by Professor Appendino’s research group within the Department of Medicinal Sciences of the University of Eastern Piedmont. Our resources and knowledge can be addressed to solve the most complex 360 ° cannabis issues.

selection of hemp Strains

Our specialty is the selection of cannabis varieties for specific uses. In fact, we can suggest and supply the best varieties and types of specific plants for every situation, from food and textiles to the production of flowers by extraction or sale. In our catalog we can boast over 10 proprietary varieties with particular characteristics (high THC, high CBD / CBG, 0 cannabinoids ..) registered within the European CPVO.



decades of knowledge

Canvasalus has cannabis knowledge that few companies can rival. Our experts have been studying cannabis in all its forms for over 30 years, and have gained unique experience and knowledge.

Contacts all over the world

Thanks to our continuous research on hemp, we can count on international contacts, among the world's leading cannabis experts. This allows us to have access to news and innovations well in advance of many other companies, always allowing us to be updated and with our feet on the ground.

Certified experience

All our consultancy activities have always been successful, having always resolved the problems encountered with dexterity. The experience we have accumulated allows us to manage anomalous situations even in large crops.

Common issues

The most common problems we can solve

Talee di canapa

Breeding and strain selection

Canvasalus specializes in the selection of cannabis and light cannabis strains, being able to supply and recommend the most suitable varieties for every need, from extraction to flowering hemp.

Quality Check

Our knowledge of the final processing of the inflorescence allows to obtain a perfectly dry product keeping the aromas and terpenes intact. Our analyzes allow us to ascertain the quality of our products, maintaining their legality.

Una foglia attaccata da parassiti

Diseases and pests

Canvasalus is able to recommend the best environmental conditions and not to prevent the appearance of mold and fungi. Furthermore, our deep knowledge in the sector allows us to be able to recommend the best organic products to counteract the appearance of parasitic infestations such as aphids and mites.

Fertilization and nourishment

We have developed multiple recipes for each stage and type (hydroponic, indoor, outdooor, vase ..) of cultivation, so as to maximize the yield of the plant in every aspect.


The most frequent questions and answers

What does a consulting package include?

Our consultancy service is tailored to the customer’s needs, and usually includes visits to crops and sharing of information such as techniques and specific knowledge on hemp. The consultancy always includes a free analysis included in the price. This allows you to always get a precise indication of the quality of your plants.

Is it possible to visit your greenhouses?

We believe that collaboration in this sector is essential to carry forward the noble cause of hemp. This is why we are more than happy to welcome anyone interested in visiting our facilities and therefore showing them the fruits of our work. If you want to come and visit us, contact us without thinking twice!

How can you have such a deep knowledge of hemp?

Our resources have been present in the world of hemp for several years, this allows us to be always up to date (and often already later) than many other companies. Our staff is made up of people with a true passion for hemp, and with chemical or agronomic qualifications.

Does it make sense to enter the hemp market in 2020?

The answer to this question is not simple and varies according to the specific case. What we can say without a doubt is that before making substantial investments in this sector, a deep knowledge of hemp, its sector and its laws is necessary. If these premises are missing, the investment will almost certainly not yield the desired results.


We believe in transparency


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