Canvasalus can rely on an heritage of knowledge started in the '90s. Thanks to this knowledge, the company can come to the aid in various contexts about hemp. In particular, the fitochemistry and the characterization of active constituents of the hemp plant intended for medicinal, cosmetic and food uses has been continued by prof. Appendino Giovanni Battista during the numerous research activities carried out under the DISCAF of the University of Eastern Piedmont.
To complete the phytopathological agronomic assistance services,Canvasalus has equipped itself with a laboratory that currently allows qualitative and quantitative analyzes based on the TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) to be carried out,based on gas chromatography (FID) that allow monitoring of numerous cannabinoids and most terpenes.


The consulting activity that the company offers is completed with quantitative and qualitative analysis, based on Gascromatography.
This type of analysis allows to determine the main cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis plants precisely and analitically , allowing to keep under control costantly the quality and legality of our products.
Every consultancy activity includes this kind of analysis.
Our service of gas chromatic analysis, allow to obtain a precise evaluation of the major cannabinoid principles as well as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol) and CBD (cannabidiol) , starting from every type of plant material
The cost of our analysis without the consultancy starts from 50€ for a single sample, which decrease in the case of multiple analyzes

Typical Problems

Canvasalus can help solving multiple problems regarding hemp in all its aspects, these are the most common:
Diseases and parasites
Diseases and parasitesclose

Canvasalus is able to advise the best environmental conditions in order to prevent the appearance of moulds and fungus. Moreover our deep knowledge in the sector allows us to suggest the best organic products to prevent or counteract the appearance of parasitic infestations such as aphids and mites.


We have developed multiple recipes for each stage and type (hydroponic, indoor, outdooor, vase...) of cultivation, in order to maximize the performances of the plant in every aspect.


Our knowledge of the final processing of the flowers, allows us to obtain a perfectly dry product keeping aromas and terpenes intact. Our analyses allow us to ascertain the quality of our products while maintaining their legality.


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