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We are an innovative young company that combines youthful energy, imagination and enthusiasm, with the experience and seriousness of people who have dedicated a large part of their professional life to the study of hemp.

Hemp is undergoing rapid evolution, driven by its consolidated use for medical uses. To respond to the new challenges, Canvasalus relies on the skills of one of its founders, Prof. Giovanni Appendino, who has more than 300 scientific articles, mostly concerning hemp.


A quarter of a century of experience in the field of official research of industrial and medical hemp has been transferred to the company’s director for some time. With these resources, the aim is to produce innovation and varietal diversification destined to respond adequately to the various sectors of use of hemp, faithfully respecting the rules and provisions of the laws.


Uncertainties and irregularities in the distribution and production of hemp varieties are no longer tolerable. The most demanding sectors of hemp use (the medical, food and cosmetic sectors) cannot rely on irregular and illegal operators; for this reason we only offer legal solutions.

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Giulio Grassi


PROF. Giovanni battista appendino




We are in possession of extensive knowledge regarding hemp and the selective processes associated with it. Our experiences allow us to solve various problems related to its cultivation, selection, transformation and use in various production sectors. The strong point is the stability and legality of our varieties.

Canvasalus makes use of a laboratory that allows to carry out analyzes of the main cannabinoids and terpenes, in a qualitative and quantitative way. This operation is carried out on all its selected genotypes, making these assessment skills available to its customers who request it in the context of hemp consultancy.

We have devised an exclusive method that allows you to isolate the female seed from the male one, before sowing it. With this intervention it is possible to obtain certified and completely regular seeds, completely feminized: this allows you to avoid the expensive, laborious and almost impossible male spotting operation.

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