Was founded in 2015 with the specific goal of becoming a reference point in the hemp world.
Thanks to its continuous innovation and research, very few companies oparating in this market can boast the competence and seriousness Canvasalus has.
The company, which is in continuous evolution, can come to aid of many situations involing the hemp plant in all its aspects, from the biologicalto the chemical one .
Canvasalus can count on the support of the illustrious prof. Appendino, which thanks to his studies and research, is a true experct in this sector.
The analytic tools available to the company, such as the gas chromatograph, allow us to analyze the main cannabinoids in real time , guaranteeing in this way safe products with no astonishing effect


Female hemp seeds recognition

Canvasalus developed a method which allow to recognize dioeceous hemp female seeds before planting. Stop to male spotting!

Sale dioeceous hemp female plants

Nothing better to have already growing plants if you have to start or expand an hemp cultivation!


Do you want to put yourself in the world of hemp or you are already in but you don't you have the right knowledge? Canvasalus can help you!

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