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Gerona joins the phylos' catalog of varieties!

The catalog of varieties created by Canvasalus is now available! Strains for any type of use, from the industrial to the extractive supply chain. Available on request in feminized seed format or cuttings.

Our seed feminization service allows us to provide feminized seed of all our varieties on request, in addition to the feminization the seed supplied by the customer.

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With Law 242 of 2016, the cultivation of hemp with a delta-9-THC content of less than 0.2% by all is allowed. The necessary condition is that the hemp plant derives from a certified variety and registered on the European list of varieties allowed for cultivation. In particular, nursery gardeners can grow hemp plants in pots and even sell them individually to their customers. Canvasalus produces exclusively from certified seedlings varieties which it offers guaranteeing total compliance with the 242/2016 standard and also with the Consolidated Text on Narcotic Drugs 309/1990.

We use a gas chromatograph capable of analyzing the major terpenes and cannabinoids ensuring the delta-9-THC content of each plant analyzed.




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We are in possession of extensive knowledge regarding hemp and the selective processes associated with it. Our experiences allow us to solve various problems related to its cultivation, selection, transformation and use in various production sectors. The strong point is the stability and legality of our varieties.

Canvasalus makes use of a laboratory that allows to carry out analyzes of the main cannabinoids and terpenes, in a qualitative and quantitative way. This operation is carried out on all its selected genotypes, making these assessment skills available to its customers who request it in the context of hemp consultancy.

We have devised an exclusive method that allows you to isolate the female seed from the male one, before sowing it. With this intervention it is possible to obtain certified and completely regular seeds, completely feminized: this allows you to avoid the expensive, laborious and almost impossible male spotting operation.

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Gerona joins the phylos' catalog of varieties!
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Enecta is one of the European leaders in the CBD market, creating its products based on cannabis and cannabinoids, such as oils and crystals of CBD and CBG, from Italian crops. Canvasalus actively collaborates with Enecta supporting it in researching and selecting new flower and extraction varieties. Collaborations are essential for any company and research activity that pursues a common purpose.


We collaborate with GreenValley with consultations directly in the field and laboratory support. We share cultivation methods, timing and advice on harvesting and drying methods.

GreenValley is a company  based in Abruzzo that has been growing cannabis on an industrial level for years with the aim of extracting its active ingredients. They managed to develop machinery suitable for creating a new production chain of hemp biomass.

Canvasalus works closely with Grassi Vivai, from whom he receives operational support to develop his research. Together with Grassi Vivai, new hemp varieties have already been selected, already registered with the European Office for Community Rights (CPVO). The office protects the rights of the brewers and offers guarantees to consumers on the identity, stability and ownership of the cannabis varieties. Currently Canvasalus holds 10 new proprietary rights on as many varieties of hemp that he has developed over the years in collaboration with the ENECTA company.

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